50 medical enterprises visited ELITE ROBOTS Operation Center

Published At: 2022-10-08

Recently, ELITE ROBOTS, a leading enterprise in the domestic collaborative robotics industry, held a factory Open Day activity. This activity invited related industry experts and media partners to visit ELITE ROBOTS Suzhou Operation Center for communication. Nearly 60 industry insiders visited the robot smart factory to experience the technology production under collaborative robots from the first person perspective, aiming to bring more new ideas and inspirations for the upgrading and development of enterprise automation.

First of all, the guests were greeted by the sales manager of ELITE ROBOTS. She introduced the cobot products, technical features and company history of ELITE ROBOTS to the guests in detail, and explained the applications and solutions of ELITE ROBOTS in various industries based on relevant case videos.

Then the business solution manager introduced to the audience 10 cobot workstations which were deployed at application workshop in terms of the cobot components, product features and the key steps of cobot launching in the factory.

3D trajectory gluing

Application Description:

The station is mainly composed of ELITE ROBOTS EC66, AlsonTech 3D vision system, glue gun and workbench. The workstation demonstrates the gluing of the car hood. The "golden template" method is used to position the product and guide the robot to complete the gluing track.

How cobot works:

1. Flexible positioning of products by 3D vision system;

2. Guide EC66 cooperative robot to apply gluing

3. Repeat the entire movement

Screw driving with high torque

Application Description:

ELITE ROBOTS EC612 collaborative robot is equipped with Desoutter tightening system to complete the engine tightening process. The station simulates the tightening process of engines, transmissions and other high pulling torches. The automation upgrade of production lines is based on the rapid layout and safety characteristics of ELITE collaborative ROBOTS, which can realize a flexible and cost-effective automation solution.

How cobot works:

1. EC612 moves to the screw position.

2. Tighten the gun and the screw;

3. Reverse the  gun and loosen the screw (for circular demonstration operation);

4. Repeat the entire movement

Machine tending

Application Description:

The ELITE ROBOTS EC66 collaborative robot is matched with the Backyard gripper for efficient loading and unloading. During the simulation machine tool processing process, from the machine tool to the clinker tray, and the raw material tray to the machine tool movement, the actual project can match the double gripper or linear motion module. Based on the characteristics of ELITE ROBOTS collision detection and flexible installation, it is easier to realize efficient and flexible loading and unloading in narrow space.

How cobot works

1. The EC66 grabs the clinker from the three-jaw chuck of the machine tool (replaced by the electric three-jaw here) and places it on the clinker tray;

2. EC66 grabs raw material from the raw material tray and place it on the three-jaw chuck of the machine tool;

3. Three jaw chuck clamping raw material, EC66 exit waiting for processing;

4. Repeat Step 1 to Step 3.

After getting familiar with the application solution of ELITE ROBOTS, under the guidance of the workshop manager, the audience witnessed the standardized production process, safe and reliable production technology, as well as the tidy production environment of ELITE ROBOTS. Later, in the production testing area, the delegation had close contact with the collaborative robots. The “ROBOTS army” waiting to be tested also represent ELITE ROBOTS 's strict control of production quality and determination to pursue excellent quality.

Finally, the visitors actively participated in the Q&A and raised some questions related to the application of the medical industry based on what they saw and heard during the visit. The customer who came to visit said to the staff, "Thank you very much for providing such a good opportunity to visit and learn in this Open Day of ELITE ROBOTS factory. Meanwhile, the work station displayed also opened a new idea of automation upgrading to me. I hope to invite ELITE ROBOTS engineers to come to our factory to" give guidance "in the future, And provide the constructive idea of "cobots replace human" for more productive line stations.

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