ELITE ROBOTS is member of A3 now

Published At: 2021-06-02

ELITE ROBOT is excited to announce that we are now part of A3, Association for Advancing Automation, RIA Robot Manufacturer! 

We are extremely proud of the entire USA team for helping North and South American companies be more productive without the huge capital expense of automating production lines and gives our customers confidence in our ability to create robotic solutions to meet their needs. 

ELITE ROBOT manufactures collaborative robots lightweight 6-axis (3kg, 6kg, 12kg cobots). Our cobots are used in Automotive, Electronics, Packaging Logistics, Metal Processing, Rubber & Plastics, and other industries.

We, ELITE ROBOT, looking forward to delivering more values to the end users in North America. We are dedicated to building the vigorous community with A3.

Check our certificate online: https://www.automate.org/companies/elite-robots-inc

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