ELITE ROBOTS: The Next Unicorn in China

Published At: 2021-07-05

Tech companies are new species with greater development potential and growth potential, which has attracted more and more attention nowadays.

On June 29, 2021 China Potential Unicorn Enterprise Cooperation and Exchange Conference hold by Great Wall Enterprise Institute and Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee in Suzhou.

The 2021 China Potential Unicorn Enterprise Research Report shows that the number of potential unicorn companies in China has reached 425 in 2020, of which 248 are newly promoted. In 2021, as of May 31, there will be 70 new potential unicorn companies. The accelerated emergence of potential unicorn companies is an important symbol of the high-quality development of China's new economy. 

As a robotics company with comprehensive R&D, sales and after-sales service, ELITE ROBOT is in a leading position in the domestic R&D and production of robot core components control systems/servo drive systems and  intelligent vision systems. Among them, our robot control technology and intelligent vision technology have reached the international leading level.

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