"Gathering the Eco-Network, Shaping the Future" with Elite Robots

Published At: 2022-09-29

Elite Robots is pleased to announce that it has invited 11 of its top eco-partners for a professional networking event at its Suzhou operations centre on September 22 as part of its sixth anniversary celebration.

A discussion panel entitled "Gathering the Eco-Network, Shaping the Future" will be held during the event in which representatives of some Elite Robots Ecopartners will take the floor, discussing future scenarios in the field of industrial robotics also in light of current global challenges.

Resilience and cooperation to overcome new challenges

“We deal every day with companies all over the world”, says Iris Ren, Global Director of Marketing at Elite Robots, “and we see how the current global economic situation is making life tough for many businesses in all countries. At the same time, however, we can perceive the vitality and resilience of the whole industrial automation and robotics industry. Robotic manufacturers, integrators, and platforms are putting a lot of effort in order to build up strengths in difficult times, either by investing more on researchingor by exploring new markets. 

With an almost limitless potential application scope, in addition to more traditional industries such as automotive, 3c electronics, metal processing and packaging, cobots have also gradually made their way into new verticals like retail, horticulture, energy, education, science, also by combining AI and meta-verse concepts. The deeper we dig into the market, the more we realize that the development of technology from advanced to mature is not the result of a single manufacturer, but of a broad network of partners and industry clusters.

The organization of this event aims to build a platform where Elite Robots and its eco partners will showcase full robotic solutions and provide valuable insights from different perspectives through their relevant experience in their respective fields. In this way, the audience will gain a well-rounded understanding regarding the use of robots and be able to make faster and more informed decisions about their implementation in thefuture.

Why the Eco-network

While other manufacturers choose to build their own end-effectors, AGV or sensors, Elite Robots has opted for a business model that leverages the synergy of an ecosystem for a variety of reasons:

1. No one can excel in all areas. In each market segment, there are many vertical companies that are highly specialized in what they do, which has also helped the industry increase its efficiency. “Everyone is a professional expert in his own field”, Iris Ren states, “which is why Elite Robots focuses on what it excels at, which is producing high-quality robotic arms and continuously optimizing them, making them more and more open and compatible with a growing number of third party equipment. Relying on professional companies that are highly specialized in using their products, operating them with cobots will provide the best possible solution for any automation project”.

2. Elite Robots believes that through an ecosystem its customers will have a wider, more diverse and flexible range of choices, and will be able to choose less standardized solutions. Away from the typical "one size fits all" approach, this will enable customers to fit more traditional industrial robotics scenarios and reach closer to the specific needs of each end user.

Even for the most common pick-and-place applications, users still have the right to choose different types and brands of robotic arms, so they prefer to be able to draw from a wide range of "solution combinations" before choosing which grippers or vision sensors to equip their robotic arm with. Elite Robots has therefore adopted a strategy of maximum openness by making its robotic arm able to integrate effortlessly with all its ecopartners for a win-win-win situation.

3. The ecosystem inspires each other’s creativity and helps Elite Robots ecopartners increase sales. Over the 2016-2022 period, annual sales of collaborative robots has more than tripled in China, and a similar trend occurred in America and other European countries such as Germany and Italy, even in light of the challenges of the pandemic, reshoring, and the energy crisis.

Elite Robots: a focused approach

Riding this wave, Elite Robots has essentially doubled its annual cobot sales from 2019 to the present, while also cementing cooperation with its ecopartners over time. For example, as the first domestic cobot manufacturer to promote composite robotic systems starting in 2019, Elite Robots has established synergistic cooperation with several manufacturers of vision systems and AGVs to develop turnkey robotic mobility solutions.

Since 2021, Elite Robots and some of its ecopartners have also been cooperating with a well-known domestic R&D center for the development of customized and scaled robotic solutions that can interact with AI models for end-users in the life science field.

Developing a reliable, high-quality collaborative robotic arm that is constantly optimizing and updating is a task that requires time and effort, and Elite Robot is laser-focused on the pursuit of this goal. Simultaneously producing end-effectors, force control, and vision sensors would distract Elite Robots from this goal, and therefore the company does not want to go in this direction”, Mrs. Ren points out. 

Introducing the Ecopartners

There is a wide variety of EoATs, depending on the industry and application, and the companies that produce them must have a high degree of expertise and know exactly how to use them for each single project. In this area, experienced and reliable ecopartners such as OnRobot, SMC, Gimatic, Zimmer, Schunk, and DH Robotic have beenproven to be absolutely up to the task. 

Coming to mobility solutions, Standard Robots is one of the earliest domestic AGV manufacturers to have developed composite robot solutions in collaboration with Elite Robots.

Swedish linear motion solutions manufacturer Ewellix also took part in the development of some of these solutions, and it has increasingly collaborated with domestic robotics manufacturers in recent years, focusing mainly on palletizing and high load handling scenarios.

Finally, there is no shortage of vertical experts in vision systems such as SOLOMON, Sensopart, Mech-Mind and Transfer Technologies. 

At Elite Robots, many of these and other collaborations are already underway, and we look forward to more ecopartners joining our network in the near future. 

Ultimately, each manufacturer must always aim to meet the specific needs of its end user, providing them with the best possible solution from the standpoint of efficiency, reliability, safety, and convenience. 

Having clear this goal, surely more and more opportunities will arise for Elite Robots and all its network of Ecopartners, both in the domestic and international markets.

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