Published At: 2022-06-22

In our previous post we compared cobots and industrial robots, pointing out that the former have numerous advantages over the latter, especially in terms of safety, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. However, there are some applications where industrial robots are a must, and still others where cobots and industrial robots are in a complementary relationship to each other (for more insights: )

This new case study, again from the automotive industry, further highlights such complementary relationship.

As we can see, one of our cobots, this time EC612, has even been integrated into an industrial robot flange plate, acting as an EoAT itself.

This application highlights some of the main advantages of Elite Robots' cobots, primarily its excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Its lightweight design enabled smooth integration with the industrial robot, which can effortlessly lift EC612 and use it to paint the interior body of a bus.

In this case, although standardized painting robots can also perform this processing task, there are also other factors to consider that led the user to choose our EC612 cobot.

1. Flexibility and safety.

The deployment of huge & heavy equipment in this work station can take up a lot of space and force the user to change the layout of its existing production line, which is a major deterrent for many manufacturers.

In contrast, and just as we saw in the previous application, Elite Robots EC12 easily managed to address the user's pain points without forcing him to disrupt his production line, taking up very little space and making the work area safer for the operators.

2. Easy programming.

Since the body of public buses is not as well decorated as the interiors of private cars, painting does not require a very high level of accuracy that only industrial robots can provide. On the contrary, our cobot can process this task perfectly by simple trajectory planning.

3. Wide distance to be covered.

Although in this application the payload required is small, EC612 was chosen because of the large distance to be covered within the working area by the robotic arm, which as we can see is in its maximum extension (1304mm).

In similar applications, but with a larger payload, another advantage represented by EC612 is undoubtedly the high level of strength ensured by the cobot even at its maximum extension.

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