ELITE ROBOTS boosts the upgrade from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

Compared with traditional industrial robots, cobots feature a higher equipment utilization rate. With the increasing familiarity with the product, users will gradually realize “one machine for multiple purposes”. Meanwhile, ELITE cobot, which is characterized by Safe, Easy to Use, Flexible, and Efficient, is standing out from the cobot field and quickly becoming an industry leader and a new force in the international market.  

01 Background 

Gaotong Machinery, the client we are talking about today, has been established for 25 years. The factory focuses on the production and processing of household air-conditioning sheet metal parts, high-speed rail accessories, and medical equipment sheet metal parts, and has accumulated a lot of experience and technologies in the air-conditioning sheet metal industry. The client has been widely recognized by consumers for its stable processing accuracy and quality. In recent years, the factory has been keeping pace closely with industrial trends and constantly pursuing industrial automation. In 2002, the factory imported its first AMADA CNC punch from Japan, and since then, it has been increasing investment in automation equipment. As robot technology becomes mature, the factory introduced six-joint industrial robots for welding devices and adopted the automation solution with six-joint handling robots in 2014.

02 Pain Points 

Due to the increasing customization needs at the consumer end, the production line of Gaotong Machinery faces the challenge of small-batch and multi-variety. However, in the production process, the traditional six-axis industrial robot often slows down the production progress due to its long switching cycle. Therefore, the factory has to retain operators and also considers the flexibility of manual operation. This deployment enables the factory to meet the order demands by changing the layout of the existing production line at the lowest frequency.

03 Solution 

In the end, the client adopts the solution of ELITE EC66 (6kg) load cobots to replace the application of traditional six-axis industrial robots, which greatly improves production efficiency. The factory also compares ELITE cobots with traditional six-axis industrial robots and finds that cobots, in general, are not much slower than traditional industrial robots and even much faster than them when processing some workpieces. In addition, due to simple disassembly and assembly and easy programming, the cobots can freely switch among multiple devices and production lines, enabling customers to put them into production within two days. In an era when time is money, ELITE Robot’s cobot solution has won the approval of clients. Meanwhile, seeing the convenience of the application of ELITE cobots, the client further applies cobots in the tapping field and deploys them to realize the automation of tapping action. Even though there are as many as 121 workpiece holes, ELITE cobots still complete the task at high speed and without error, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the product. Now the client has combined traditional industrial robots with ELITE cobots to form a double-line deployment. In the future, ELITE cobots, the solution of faster deployment and easier installation, will continue to be used to pick up single workpieces within 15kg, while traditional industrial robots will be used in the handling, loading and unloading of larger and heavier workpieces. Looking forward The booming development trend of the manufacturing industry has promoted market demands, and market demands have prompted the creation of human-machine cobots. ELITE Robot will delve into the clients’ industries and provide more application solutions for clients based on their pain points. ELITE Robot believes that more and more clients will join hands with us to establish sustainable network advantages in the future.

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